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March 7 2015

caborojo challenge

One of the most anticipated MTB events in the tropical island of Puerto Rico have gathered around 500 extreme MTB athletes. 

las 100 staff

The Caborojo MTB Duo Challenge its an event brought you by the Las 100 de la Parguera series.The host of this event Mr. Eldin Mora and his Team provided not only a event for the most extreme MTB athletes but also a event that join friends and family members. The event course started at theCentro Vacacional Mojacasabein CaboRojo. It includes single track and routes with obstacles which require technical skill to be ridden over or avoided, such as roots, rocks or holes. It does not necessarily mean big drops or seemingly unachievable sections, but the sort of terrain that most mountain bikers may come across on a normal to intermediate ride.

gps trackers  All this characteristics made a perfect scenario to use our real time gps system for sports events. Deportes con GPS was in charge to provide this new and outstanding technology for the benefit of the athletes and enjoyment of friends, fans and family members. This was a Duo challenge meaning you need a partner to ride. Each Team will need to start and end the route together to qualify for the prices and recognition. A GPS tracker was installed on one of the Team bicycles meaning we had around 250 Sports Gps Trackers on the field.

We have also installed 3 GPS Trackers on support vehicles like ambulances and all-terrain vehicles. This made the event not only more enjoyable and interactive it have also provided a better logistics for the event coordinator. At the 100 Series events the security is a must! Meaning that organizer will not strive to fill all the possible options to make this one a more enjoyable one. 

Weather was perfect and event started sharp at 8:30am. Each wave of 8 athletes started between 1 minute. The athletes will need to get through areas like MontecarloLos Camellosand La cuesta del Perro ( Dog Hill). Then close to the LagunaLas Garzas and Los Pozos. After each single athlete have left the starting point the fun begins! 

Tv displayFriends, Family and Social Media Fans were able to follow each group and see their progress all the way from start to finish. Our google analytics stats showed around 1000 online viewers following the race on real time. At Punta Mojacasabe Bar the live interactive map provided a different and outstanding way to enjoy the event like never before.

Our Live GPS tracking for sports events provide a SOS option meaning each athlete could press this button for 4 seconds and the assistance request will be sent directly to the event organizer.  We all know sports include some risks and that's what make them a challenge. However having some sort of way to notify if you as an athlete require any assistance will help you decide to book the event or not.



Deportes con GPS it's a recreational service that provide an additional value to your event as organizer. Our live GPS tracking service can be used on Puerto Rico and USA. We will love to provide you a quick demo on how it could be integrated to your event. Contact us!

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Deportes con GPS, powered by Racemap technology its your one and only solution for real time sports event Live Tracking. Our portable GPS belts only weights 2onz. They have been tested on many extreme scenarios and events.

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