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June 6 2015

ims sup warrior of the paddle

The 5th Copa Warrior of the Paddle is a Local SUP event like no other. Hosted by Mr. Elvin Maldonado owner of IMS SUP located in Arecibo.



Warrior of the Paddle Start

 What a special and challenging event! The 5ta Copa Warrior of the Paddle was mainly focus to all the SUP comunity from Kekis (kids), Starters and even the Elite division. The weather was perfect with for all the divisions. The event started around 9am except the Elites who had to wait around 11:30 am to get a better winds conditions.

As you may see here all the Elite atlethes started at the same time. Boats and staff where monitored by our Sports with GPS technology.  

Starting Line Satellite Image

starting line

We had a few recognized names for the local SUP comunity. Mr. Jack Sauve, Mr. Greg Jaudon, Mr. Alex Maldonado where just a few of the great male athletes we had. Under the womens divisions we had Giselle Delgado, Jules, and Geraldine Vargas. You cand see the complete list of athletes by clicking on the replay Map. 


First 10 minutes of the Race

10 minute start jack sauve Mr. Jack Sauve its leading the race during the first 10 minutes of the race followed by Wilfredo Gonzales and Mr. Jorge Quintana


 If you want to see the complete progress of this event click below at the interactive map for a better experience. In overall this was a outstanding SUP event . We congratulate all the Elites that accept the challenge.


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racemap player


Trialo de Ceiba

Case Studies

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