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Sports Track GPS

Complete Guide For Athletes

Tips for Running Events, Marathons, Relays

  • Sport Track GPS is shipped charged from our office to your event organizer. However due normal battery power loss it is always recommended to charge your Sport Track GPS device the day before the event. A 2 hour charge should be enough to get you ready.
  • RELAYS or TEAM EVENTS longer than 6hours will probably receive a minimum of 2 devices. One device should be carried by the athlete the other should remain on the support vehicle. Is recommended that this second GPS should stay OFF and charging in the support vehicle while not in use.
  • Press and hold the ON button (top one) for 3 seconds. This will turn ON the device.
  • Turn ON the GPS device at least 15 minutes before the race. This will provide plenty of time for the Sport Track GPS to acquire the signal and report to the Racemap servers.
  • Green and Blue lights should start blinking after 3 to 5 minutes. This is the normal operations of Sport Track GPS. Green means cell tower reception, Blue means satellite reception.
  • Use the velcro while charging. If your event is longer than 6hrs you will be provided with a small velcro strap. While charging the GPS please use the velcro strap around the charging cable. This will hold in place the charging cable. While charging you should notice a small Red Led.
  • Red middle led indicates the device is charging. When charging is complete the red led will turn OFF
  • Put it on your waist, reflective vest or runner fanny pack.  Those are the best areas to clip your Sport Track GPS. Other areas are fine however do not hold the GPS chip on your hand while running or place the GPS chip facing your body. The power button and lights should always be facing outside of your body.

Technical info and FAQs

Sport Track GPS

Sport Track GPS - Technical Information

Lightweight, small and splash-proof (IPx6), 100% Racemap compatible GPS Tracking Perfect for outdoor adventures and for extreme sports events. Orders of 100 or more devices are shipped on a rugged pelican case ready to use. 

Battery Life and Live Tracking Intervals

Sports events lower than 7 hours of duration could benefit of our extreme live tracking interval (10sec). When placing your order please let us know the tracking interval that best suit your event needs.

Battery Life  - Tracking Interval  
7hr 10secs  
9hr 20secs  
12hr 40secs  

GPS green light is not blinking

This means the current location does not have any cell tower signal or cell phone provider. Our Sport Track GPS use the nearest cell tower to send your location over the internet to Racemap servers. If you happen to be on a area without coverage the green light will stay ON . Don't worry as soon you get back to a good cell tower reception area the green light will start blinking automatically and your location will be displayed on Racemap.

GPS blue light is not blinking
I receive a velcro strap.
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